How to get to La Cristalera

Autobús EMT 8824

By the summer school bus

We have arranged a bus that will bring you to the conference venue on August 27 (Sunday) and will bring you back to Madrid on September 1 (Friday).

  • Departure on August 27 from Madrid: the bus will depart from Madrid Atocha Railway Station at 7 pm
  • Departure on September to 1 to Madrid: the bus will depart from La Cristalera at 5:30 pm The bus will leave at Madrid Atocha Railway Station.

If needed, the bus can stop at the airport before heading to Atocha—please indicate this in the registration form. Please keep in mind that the journey from La Cristalera to the Airport is approximately 50-60 min and (although not as usual in the summer) there’s always the possibility of encountering traffic jams in Madrid highways.

If it is not possible for you to catch this bus (e.g., because of your arrival time to Madrid), please keep reading the following.

By public bus

Bus 725 connects Plaza de Castilla (Madrid) with Miraflores de la Sierra. There are many bus stops in Plaza de Castilla, between the two big leaning buildings. Only one (number 725) goes to Miraflores de Sierra. A one-way ticket to Miraflores by bus 725 costs 5,10 Euros.

Here you can find the current timetable for bus 725 (Madrid – Plaza de Castilla to Miraflores de la Sierra): link. (‘Domingo’ means ‘Sunday’).

The trip to Miraflores de la Sierra takes approximately 60 minutes. There is a bus every hour on the half hour on Sundays (from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm). Your stop is the third stop ‘Miraflores de la Sierra’, the next after ‘Soto del Real’. Once you get off, you have two options to get to La Cristalera:

  • Walk around 30 minutes up along the main road: map.
  • Take a taxi. You can call La Cristalera (+34) 91 497 6598 and they will order one for you.

How to get to Plaza de Castilla from the Airport:

  • By taxi (30 euros)
  • By metro: take line 8 (the ‘pink’ line) to Colombia stop (3 stops) and change to line 9 (the ‘purple’ line) until Plaza de Castilla (3 stops).
  • By regional train + metro: take line C1 to Chamartín Railway Station and change to metro line 9 to Plaza de Castilla (1 stop).

If you search for ‘Plaza de Castilla’ on Google maps, please make sure that it is Plaza de Castilla *in Madrid* and not in Alcobendas (a nearby town).

By taxi

You can take a taxi from the airport directly to La Cristalera-Miraflores de la Sierra. This is an expensive option (at least 90 Euros, but be sure to ask for the price beforehand).

By car

Take the ring road M-40. If you come from the south, Portugal, or the Zaragoza Highways, take direction North (N-I). If you come from the Burgos Highway (N-I) take the direction M-607 Tres Cantos-Colmenar Viejo. From M-40 ring road change to M-607 Highway towards Tres Cantos-Colmenar Viejo. When the Highway ends (roughly 30 km) follow the directions to Miraflores. After 30 km you will reach the village. Once there, follow the signs towards La Cristalera or Puerto de la Morcuera. 1 km outside the village you will find the entrance to the residence on your left (but watch out for it since the sign is not a big one and may be missed!).